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Shower Filters

February 26, 2007

Shower Filters are very important! Shower water, more specifically inhalation and absorption from showers, is now becoming a leading cause for chlorine intake and lead intake in the US. The EPA now warns that every home in America has an “elevated level” of chlorine vapors in the home because of shower water. Shower Filters are a perfect solution. They are simple to install and can remove chlorine from the water for a long period of time. A Shower Filter also make your skin and heair feel healthy and clean. Most of the time, dry skin, sinus problems, eye iritation, and other ailments can be traced back to high levels of chlorine in shower water. Make sure you have shower filters for every shower in your home.


Chemically Treated Water

February 1, 2007

One of the most harmful, and most common, everyday products we are ingesting that contribute to high cholesterol, and thus plaque in the arteries, is chemically-treated tap water.

Studies have shown that many of the chemicals present in tap water that were added to kill bacteria, such as chlorine, often react with and oxidize cholesterol already in the body, forming a gummy substance (plaque) that actually sticks to, and clogs the arteries.  There are many more dangerous side effects of drinking chemically-treated water.

What can you do about it? If you want to lower your cholesterol, which is not an easy task, first filter all water used in cooking and drinking using a water filter and portable water filter. Don’t think you can turn to bottled water because sometimes bottled water is no better, as they can contain runoff from groundwater containing pesticides and fertilizers that are not removed and do not have to be reported. If your bottle says it has been purified by both reverse osmosis and carbon/charcoal treatments, it may be less contaminated. You can use a water filter bottle to filter water if you are away from home. The healthiest water available today is filtered water, which most closely mimics the sun’s natural way of purifying water.