The Discovery of Magnetized Water

Russian scientists were among the first to discover the benefits of magnetized water. It was discovered while diagnosing a problem where deposits would build up on the pipe walls to boilers or engines. As time passed, the pipes became restricted by the build up. While researching the problem, they found that there were some pipes that carried magnetized water, and in only these pipes no build up occurred.

This discovery was instrumental in drawing scientists into the study of magnets. The research proved that when magnets are kept in contact with water it would acquire magnetic properties. The magnetic water even has an effect on our bodies when consumed regularly over a long period of time.

Stay tuned for the next four articles dealing with how the magnet works, use of magnets for healing purposes, health benefits, and human applications. You can now purchase magnets that are designed for use with portable water filters to create a true magnetic water system.


One Response to “The Discovery of Magnetized Water”

  1. Richard Says:

    How good is magnetic water treatment in softniong water? Are there any large companies that have been using this system over a long periord of time.

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