Filtered Water Bottle Comparison

Most people who make the decision to purchase bottled water make a long term commitment to providing safe, good tasting water for themselves and their families.  This article will examine the comparative costs of purchasing bottled water for that long term commitment vs. the purchase of a Portable Filtered Water Bottle

A portable filtered water bottle will last for many years with a periodic filter change being the only ongoing cost.  Bottled water, however, is an ongoing expense. Whether you lug water home from a store or you have it delivered to you, the price of purchased water will always be on-going.

As you know, water prices fluctuate greatly, depending on brand, packaging design, and place of purchase:

• 1 gallon of spring water (at a grocery store) $0.99
• 16 oz. bottle of drinking water (convenience store) $0.89
• 32 oz. bottle of drinking water (convenience store) $1.69
• 6-pack of 24 oz bottles (at grocery store) $3.79

It is commonly known that humans should consume at least eight(8) 8-oz. glasses of water every day (= ½ gallon per day). This equals 3.5 gallons of water every week.

In one week, assume you consume:
1 gallon water ($0.99), 3-16 oz. bottles ($0.89), 4-32 oz. bottles ($1.69), and one 6-pack of 24 oz. bottles ($3.79) 

Bottled Water        =   $14.21 per week

Water Filter Bottle  =   $01.12 per week!!

At $12.95, a 16-oz. filter bottle will give you over 40 gallons of filtered water, at about $0.32 per gallon!!

Your savings with portable water filters are about $700 PER YEAR!!


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